9 Ways To Know If A Person Genuinely Loves You Or Not, #8 Is Must To Know

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My friend has fallen for a guy and she wants to know if the guy loves her or not. This million dollar question has put me in dilemma. Aren’t we all trying to unravel this mystery? Those of us who have grown up watching romantic movies and reading Mills & Boon wait to have that out of the world experience when it comes to love. We expect the other person to sweep us of our feet, make wild declarations of love and smother us with cute romantic gestures. Is this Love? Do the big things matter or the small? How do we know? Let us clear our doubts once and for all. After all Life is not a movie

#1. They Are Not Selfish In Bed

When they make love to you, they care about what turns you on and what turns you off. Love making for them is not always about getting pleasure. They understand it takes two to tango!

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