How To Create An Edgy, Knotted Mohawk In 6 Easy Steps

Now that we are dealing with warmer temperatures and everything else the spring and summer months have to offer, I usually end up throwing my hair into a ponytail, braid, or bun just to get it off my neck. Sometimes, long hair is just too much of a pain when it’s hot outside, but I also don’t like to constantly restrict myself to boring, standard updos. Even though a ponytail is super easy to put together, there are days (and outfits) that call for something a bit more unique and edgy.

If you go through the same long hair struggle as I do when it’s warm outside and have been looking for a fun, chic ‘do to sport, you’re going to love this knotted mohawk from Missy Sue! To find out how easy it is to recreate, check out the video above and the simple instructions below.