Nurse Shares Heartbreaking Stories Of What Happens To Babies Who Survive Abortions

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There are so many searches happening on all search engines about how much do abortions cost or what are procedures to do it, which clearly shows that so many people want to proceed abortion. But very few of us know about what exactly happens to babies who survive abortions. A baby is alive all the time of abortion procedure. Then baby is kept in abortion clinic until he/she reaches his last breaths. In uncommon cases, the abortionist himself makes a move to murder the new born baby. In a few cases, baby is moved to hospital, where he can be given medical consideration. Shockingly, it is the approach of numerous hospitals to let these babies die in abortion clinics.

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Everyone asks do abortions hurt? No one asks what happens to the babies after abortions. Do they get hurt too ? It is simply a murder and it cannot be explain in any other way. Attendant Kathleen Malloy, from Jacksonville, Florida, saw the death of a baby who was conceived after an abortion and exchanged to her hospital. She quoted this story in her pamphlet in this way “Children: Things We Throw Away?”

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