This Man Refused Chemotherapy and With the Help of Simple Recipe Lived 102 Years! (VIDEO)

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The story that we bring thrilled everyone who had heard over the years. They tell us thatcancer is an incurable disease, but there are so many simple cure that is simply amazing tosee how many of us actually lie.


They are sending sick people to chemotherapy even though it does not make sense. Sick man even more sick and weak, and then they tell you that you will die anyway. When doctors diagnosed incurable lung cancer to Stamatis Moraitis, Greek war veteran in 1976 , he resigned to die.

Nine different doctors told him that he had left six months of life with that you should immediately embark on an aggressive chemotherapy treatment. Since he did not want to treat these dangerous treatment, chemotherapy was refused and returned to his native Icaria, an island in Greece.

After that, incredible things happened. In the beginning, slashed by the Depression, after all day spent in bed. His wife and mother took care of him.

One day, regained his faith and desire for life, albeit briefly because he thought that he was still a little time left. He went to live actively. Sunday morning he climbed the hill where there is a Greek Orthodox church where his grandfather was a priest. They began to visit his friends, when they learned that he had returned to his native village every day to talk with them for hours along with two bottles of wine produced on his island. “At least I’ll die happy,” he thought.

Over the next months, for some reason, he began to feel the power. One day, he decided to plant your garden. He did not expect to experience the fruits of that garden, but it was a good reason to enjoy the sun and fresh air by the sea.

It’s been six months, but Moraitis did not die. Instead of death, picked up her vegetables, cleaned up the family vineyard, is to start operating with the island, he began working in the vineyard, waking up early and all day carried out on the air. I myself worked lunch with vegetables from his garden. When the evening came he would go to a local cafe where he played dominoes until long after midnight.

Years passed. He was all healthy, so he felt. Upgraded his house with several rooms, and produce up to 1,500 liters of  homemade wine.

After 30 years of such a life has experienced 97 years ago when he realized that he did not die and decided to visit doctors with their findings in order to check what happened. When he returned to the doctor who told him that he had only 6 months, it is interesting that all of them were dead.

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