This Soap Causes Breast Cancer And Everyone Uses It Daily

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We all have used antibacterial soaps at one time or the other, some of us probably used it this morning and some will still use it this evening.

Antibacterial soap is supposed to protect you from bacteria and germs but did you know that these soaps are made with chemicals that are actually carcinogenic and can cause more harm than good?!

In recent studies carried out it has been seen that triclosan which is a chemical that is now known to aid cancer cells is prominent in many cosmetic and beauty products and that includes antibacterial soap.

Research in South Korea at the National University and the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology by lead researcher Kyung-Chul Choi along with his colleagues from Chungbuk have studied critically the effects of triclosan on the hormonal system.

Triclosan is known to be a hormone disruptor and in other research it is known to imitate estrogen and as a result adversely affects the production and the activities of other known hormones like testosterone.

Triclosan is known to be a causative factor for breast cancer as it adversely affects the endocrine system and as a result causes abnormal cellular formation.

Animal tests were carried out by the researchers and it was discovered that the EDCs were very high in both daily and long term exposure.

Octylphenol Is Equally Carcinogenic

It was also noticed that octylphenol a known antibacterial compound causes abnormal cellar growth as well.

With octylphenol and triclosan in a product they both combine to increase the growth of abnormal cells.

There has been numerous studies which has directly associated triclosan and triclocarban as causative agents for a host of ailments and health issues such as endocrine disruption, skin irritation, bacterial and compounded antibiotic resistance and so on.

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