This t-shirt is every traveler’s dream

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Many of us have been in that situation when we’re abroad where we don’t know the local language well enough to convey what we want, and we resort to using gestures. Ordering a taxi by waving our arms in the air might look funny, but it may be the most effective way to achieve your goal, saving you time and patience in the process. But now there’s a much more convenient solution to this problem.

’We often found ourselves in situations where we had to explain things using our arms, drawing something on a piece of paper, or even in the sand,’ say the designers of a new and extremely useful t-shirt designed for travelers. They once had the good fortune to stumble upon a list of symbols depicting basic needs and requests: sleep, food, water, access to a telephone, and so on. The idea came to them immediately: why not combine the useful with the stylish?

The result was something that has amazed and delighted the whole world, including us at Bright Side.

On every t-shirt there’s an attractive print with 40 different symbols, designed to help you in any situation. For example, if you need a hotel for the night.

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